Inspiring Innovation in Combating Domestic Violence


Baroness Scotland's visit to the US last week with her two charities, the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (The Alliance) and the Elimination of Domestic Violence Global Foundation (EDV Global Foundation) included a move over to New York to meet people influencing change.


Last Tuesday they saw a change from meetings with senior policy makers, and instead, met up with like minded people who are doing the ground work to continually inspire innovation.


On the morning, they met with a group of start up entrepreneurs who work together to create stimulating industry and business solutions called 1776, named after a significant year in the US in terms of independence and equality.

Social justice is vitally important to entrepreneurs, and the team learnt about the issues entrepreneurs face in trying to achieve gender equality and tackle domestic violence.

Young People

Next, they met with the National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC), who are an organisation that provide a forum for student body presidents to come together to challenge the issues young people face.

Students in particular can be especially vulnerable and need extra support on topics like sexual assault, dating and domestic violence. The visit found that much of the concerns we have here in the UK with regards to educating and protecting students from these issues are commonly held by these student leaders in the US.

This meeting was especially rewarding as it has seen the start of an active collaborative stakeholder group with the US and UK. The NCLC show a real enthusiasm to connect with universities internationally and with the EDV Youth Council.

Working Together

The team were incredibly enthusiastic to meet Project CHANGE, which is a court based service currently being piloted in DC. Members from NGOs, criminal justice and advocacy services, forensic nursing services and mental health counselling teams come together in one place to provide immediate support to those who need it. The Corporate Alliance and the EDV Global Foundation are particularly excited to see how this project works, and to learn from it.

The evening saw a visit to Glamour Magazine and the British Embassy, where they met with leaders addressing issues including violence, youth, freedom, diversity and gender. Glamour magazine is a popular fashion magazine, but they also recognise how important it is to feature many serious issues that affect women in everyday life.

Baroness Scotland, along with the Corporate Alliance and the EDV Global Foundation found this day to be particularly inspiring, and we at Simpson Millar LLP hope that these meetings will influence further innovation!

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