Injunctions have a place in family law


As the row over super injunctions continues, a leading family lawyer issues a reminder that injunctions, and particularly non molestation injunctions are crucial in protecting children from harm in family and divorce cases.

According to Emma Pearmaine, head of the Family & Matrimonial Team at Simpson Millar LLP those are good reasons why civil injunctions and non molestation orders should continue to have a place in the legal system.

Injunctions still have their place in family law cases

"Injunctions can be a physical guardian for children whose parents are seeking divorce but it can also provide a shield of protection from additional emotional harm during what is a very difficult time for most families," she said.

Injunctions are extremely important in protecting children and families from a violent parent. Emma said: "Amidst the media storm over super-injunctions we must not forget why injunctions were introduced in the first place and the protection they continue to offer children and vulnerable adults."

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