Infection fears are rife in UK hospitals


A recent BBC pole shows that many of you feel the risk of potentially deadly infections such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile are your top NHS concern, whilst 31% of you said you would avoid surgery for fear of getting an infection.

Only recently Leicester Royal Infirmary had to recall 96 patients because of concerns that they were treated with contaminated equipment.

Just 33% of you said you were confident that the NHS would protect you from picking up one of these deadly infections and the majority of you were concerned about the wait you could face before treatment.

Dr Hamish Meldrum of the British Medical Association states: "We owe it to the patients to be able to prove to them that hospitals are a safe place to go to benefit from the help modern medicine can provide."

"We understand why people are so concerned about hospital-acquired infections and although infection rates are coming down, no-one can be happy with the levels that still exist."

Although hospitals often say that C. Difficle is less deadly than MRSA, it should not be taken lightly. They can both cause severe symptoms and even death.

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