Increase in Evidence Showing a Link between Vehicle Pollution and Ill Health


At Simpson Millar, we help individuals who have been left suffering with severe life threatening illnesses from the harmful effects of pollution. Since the Volkswagen (VW) scandal exploded into the news earlier this year, more and more people are finally starting to take note of the serious health consequences linked with diesel exhaust fumes in particular.

VW-Gate is Bad News for Asthma Sufferers

VW-Gate is Bad News for Asthma Sufferers

Mounting evidence is being gathered on the dangers of air pollution caused from vehicle fumes and diesel emissions. A government consultation released this year revealed that 23,500 premature deaths every year can be attributed to Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels, with 9,500 people dying because of air pollution in London alone.

Furthermore, studies are being conducted that are directly linking diesel exhaust exposure to deaths from conditions such as asthma. A paper named "Outdoor Air Pollution and Asthma" by Dr Michael Guarnieri and Dr John R Balmes (2014) found that:

"Short-term exposures to nitrogen dioxide are thought to increase the risk of exacerbations of asthma symptoms. Increasing amounts of evidence also suggest that long-term exposures to air pollution can contribute to new onset asthma in both children and adults."

Experts also found that asthma occurring from pollutants leads to inflammation of the airways in the lungs. This can trigger "airway remodelling" which is essentially irreversible damage (Dr S. Murphy).

Asthma isn't the only health condition at risk of worsening due to pollution and diesel exhaust fumes. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has named diesel fumes as a cause of cancer, alongside renowned dangerous substances asbestos and plutonium. They have said that reducing pollution will mean less people fall victim to stroke, lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

Our Specialist Comments

Phillip Gower, Partner and Industrial Disease specialist at Simpson Millar, comments:

"At Simpson Millar I have dealt with a large number of asthma and respiratory claims arising from exposure to pollutants. If you have been diagnosed it is important that you get full legal advice from a lawyer who has worked in this area of law."

We hope that more people will become aware of the dangers of air pollution and diesel vehicle emissions for their health. If you believe that you have been put at risk due to the harmful effects of diesel emissions, it's important to seek professional legal help.

To find out how we could help you please make a no-obligation enquiry or call freephone: 0808 129 3320.

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