Increase in Divorce Fees


It's not just senior judges who felt angered by the governments plans to increase the issue fee for divorce proceedings from the current level of £410 to £550. James Skinner,Associate Solicitor specialising in Family Law at Simpson Millar, has his say:

Increase in divorce fees

"This needless increase will only add the usually intolerable pressure on the finances of separating couples and may result in them living in some kind of legal limbo – separated but unable to afford even to issue divorce proceedings. It bears no relation to the actual administrative cost of the court in dealing with the application, not least because the applications are now dealt with by a ‘proper office of the court’ rather than the judges themselves. This leaves a couple liable to not only any joint debt, but also unless the parties make appropriate arrangements, still next-of-kin to each other. Each party in those circumstances should re-address their wills (or even make one in the first place) sever the joint tenancy of the matrimonial home and amend death in service benefits."

"Even then, the dead marriage will hang, like an albatross round the neck, of both parties."

"Only co-operation perhaps to meet the increased fee, or a reliance on family members will be needed. The only alternative would be to increase debts and eat into the resources of the marriage."

"This move should be resisted."

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