Implanon: £thousands paid out in compensation claims


Compensation claims for the contraceptive implant Implanon are soaring as women encounter problems, from unwanted pregnancies to scarring at the site of the implant. So far over £200,000 has been paid in compensation after 1,000 complaints to the NHS.

Now it’s claimed that some doctors are not properly trained to fit Implanon, which consists of small plastic rods inserted under the skin of the arm which release a small, continuous flow of contraceptive hormones into the bloodstream.

Implanon is designed to prevent pregnancy for three years, yet one woman received £30,000 in compensation for an unwanted pregnancy. The Medical Defence Union (MDU), which represents over half of UK GPs, has itself paid out £100,000 in compensation over incorrect fitting of Implanon, including the £30,000 claim.

Medical Mistake Compensation Claims

The MDU has called for doctors to have suitable training before they can fit women with Implanon or similar products. Dr Clare Gerada, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, said: "...clearly there have been some problems. But every GP who intends to fit an implant must be competent and confident and be able to show that they have received the necessary training."

The MDU advises GPs provide patients with full information about the risks and benefits of and alternatives to the implant, including the failure rate and risk of complications at insertion and removal.

This discussion should always be noted in the patient's records, it adds.

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