Immigration Report Withheld Leaving People Without the Facts


The government are again in hot water over immigration, after failing to publicise a cross governmental report into displacement figures.

Immigration Law

Reducing Immigration is Difficult

The report commissioned by the current government concentrates on displacement. Displacement is the total amount of people migrating to Britain minus the amount of people that leave. When the government first came into power, they promised to lower this figure to below 100,000 people a year but this is posing a particularly hard challenge.

Theresa May, Home Secretary, has previously used research from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in 2012 and stated, "for every additional 100 migrants, 23 British workers would be unemployed".

It is now believed that this figure is much lower and evidenced by the new report. Suspiciously however, the government is refusing to publish it. Unlike the 2012 MAC report, the new one was conducted by civil servants and is much more favourable to migrants as a whole.

It shows that despite governmental scepticism, immigration is not causing the devastating impacts as first thought, in terms of available jobs for British citizens. Sources from Number 10 have said that the report is not ready for publication. Officials believe that the real reason for the delay is to avoid causing controversy.

Visas Sold to the 'Highest Bidders'

Immigration is also causing a rift in the coalition government, David Willetts, the universities minister, has tried to prevent a restriction on the number of foreign university students. The government have also been criticised lately for suggesting that a limited amount of 'premium visas' are to be sold to the highest bidders, mostly millionaires from outside the EU. Despite this, the new report has been approved by all departments affected by immigration.

Although the impact of immigration in some areas of the UK cannot be denied, overall it is not the tragic story the government has been citing since its election.

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