Illness outbreak concerns at the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel


An Illness outbreak at the Hilton Sharks Bay, Egypt meant holidaymakers got more than they bargain for during their holiday abroad.

Our Holiday Illness Claims Team have been contacted by many holidaymakers who became ill whilst staying at the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel in Egypt. All the early indicators point towards a problem with the hotel food which has caused a sickness outbreak.

The Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel resort is of 4 star quality and advertised as such by the most common UK tour operators eg Thomas Cook and Thomson. The last thing you would expect is an illness outbreak from food poisoning. Salmonella is a common form of food poisoning and can be quite serious for those with low immune systems.

Holiday Illness Outbreak at Sharks Bay Hotel Egypt – Salmonella Holiday Compensation Claim

Feeling ill abroad is really not what you bargain for when planning your holidays and may holidaymakers at the Sharks Bay Hotel have been left feeling sick to their stomachs after their holidays were ruined. Nick Harris, Head of International Travel Law and Holiday Illness Claims Expert commented: "After receiving calls from many ill struck tourists I am worried that there is a serious illness outbreak at the Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel in Egypt."

"The most important advice that I can give victims is to report their illness to the holiday rep whilst they are in the resort if its possible and upon return to the UK to consult their local GP immediately so tests can be carried out and any appropriate medical treatment can be started."

"We would be extremely interested to hear from anyone who has been ill whilst at the Hilton Sharks Bay Resort as they may be able to claim compensation for their package holiday nightmare from their UK Tour Operator."

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