Illness Hits Holiday Makers Again at the Holiday Village Sarigerme Turkey


Holiday makers travelling back from the Holiday Village in the resort of Sarigerme in Turkey are again complaining of a mass outbreak of sickness at the hotel affecting British tourists.

Holiday makers have reportedly been diagnosed with food poisoning with many suffering from severe bouts of vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea.

Initial reports indicate that some holiday makers have been diagnosed with salmonella food poisoning. This is the second year in a row that the hotel has been the subject of a mass illness outbreak during the summer holiday season.

The majority of guests at the hotel are accommodated on an all inclusive board basis and all food and drinks are supplied by the hotel strongly implicating contaminated food as the most likely cause of infection.

Lisa Sheldon, Head of Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims Division condemned the tour operator at the centre the outbreak saying: "It is inconceivable that First Choice Holidays have not learnt any lessons from the previous outbreak that they have had to deal with at this hotel. When holiday makers contract salmonella food poisoning it is indicative of a lack of proper hygiene and this is inexcusable. Because of the number of people contacting us we are forming a group action for those holiday makers whose holidays have been ruined. We are calling to anyone who stayed at this hotel and suffered illness to contact us urgently."

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