Illness: Cold Food and Oily Pools at Sherwood Breezes Resort Turkey


Described as having a round the clock, 24 hour all inclusive package service, the Sherwood Breezes Resort has received a 4.2 out of 5 rating from traveller reviews on the Thomas Cook website.

The travel review site however, TripAdvisor tells a very different story.

Drinks by the Pool

Dirty Utensils

Mealtimes at the resort are being described as mayhem, according to comments from those who have stayed there. They say how once you've managed to battle through the crowds to get the buffet, what do you find? Food that is either undercooked, cold or they've simply ran out of anything that seems edible.

Food that has been cooked and left on a hotplate for serving should be kept at a suitable temperature. A number of TripAdvisor reviews mention that hotplates at this resort were kept at 33 degrees Celsius, an unacceptable temperature for serving food, especially meat.

Any dirty plates and cutlery could also prove a problem, leaving bacteria to spread from the utensils to the person causing stomach cramps and upset, something that occurs often in these circumstances. You wouldn't do this at home in your own kitchen so it's quite surprising that this is allegedly seen as acceptable in an establishment recommended by Thomas Cook, serving buffet food to their guests.

Stomach Bugs

There are a number of bugs and sicknesses that you can catch from dirty utensils, leading to symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach cramps, fever and vomiting. Sicknesses such as this are particularly dangerous for the vulnerable such as children, the elderly or pregnant women. As this particular hotel is marketed as a family resort, we would advise that you be extremely diligent if you are part of that group to avoid contracting any possible illnesses.

Oily Pools and Ear Infections

Another issue that has been raised on TripAdvisor regarding the hotel is the alleged unhygienic practices, particularly relating to the swimming pool. A film of grease was reportedly seen on the pool from the sun-cream used by the guests that was left and not cleaned for a number of days. Following this, a number of children contracted ear infections as a result. Middle ear infections are particularly uncomfortable for children resulting in a high fever and restless nights, a nightmare for parents who were hoping to have a nice peaceful holiday.

Simpson Millar LLP's Holiday Claims Team have received multiple instructions from guests who have returned from Sherwood Breezes Resort Turkey, many still feeling unwell.

When you go on holiday, you don't expect to fall ill, especially from an all-inclusive stay you've paid your hard earned money for. Whether you've already been there and returned with an illness or you are currently there and have become ill, there are a number of things that you can do. Collecting photo evidence as well as keeping any doctors reports and medication you may have been prescribed whilst out there can all be used in your favour on your return.

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