Illness Bug Returns to Pesquero Playa and Holidaymakers Launch Claims


A group of holidaymakers are currently bringing a claim against package holiday operator Thomas Cook. They were affected by an illness bug in Cuba and are being represented by Simpson Millar LLP's International Travel Law team. They all stayed at the same hotel, Playa Pesquero, which is in the Holguin area of Cuba, and one of the group suffered salmonella food poisoning.

Whilst Thomas Cook boasts of the beautiful surroundings and attractive accommodation, it seems that hygiene standards are coming up short. So far our clients believe this is true, those that have suffered illness should have few hurdles to overcome if they wish to make a claim against their tour operator.

As with our current case, a group compensation claim is possible. Whether you have just returned home or are still a guest at the Playa Pesquero hotel you should contact us for advice on how to proceed if you have become ill.

Travel Warning

Whatever your plans, we advise safety first – you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, whether this is your GP or the hotel's medical staff.

It may be the case that you are still awaiting your trip to Cuba, and this specific hotel was part of your Thomas Cook package. In this instance we advise you contact your travel agent as soon as possible. Cuba is classed as a tropical country, so it is advisable to check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for details regarding disease and inoculations.

Other common illness bugs that holidaymakers are prone to in Cuba include, Shigella, dysentery and Campylobacter. These are commonly associated with contaminated food and water. You may have contracted one of these bugs if you are showing symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever. Many holidaymakers may consider some of these symptoms as given when travelling to tropical countries, but people need to seriously consider the risks these symptoms genuinely pose.

Package holidays are popular in this part of the world, and as such any illnesses occurring whilst on holiday have commonly caused people to contact us. This is due to both their holiday being ruined along with our experience and success with holiday compensation claims.

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