Illness Bug at Grand Cettia Hotel – Overcrowding and Swimming Pool to Blame?


We have heard reports of a potential holiday illness outbreak at the Grand Cettia resort on the Aegan Coast, Turkey.

We have previously represented victims of holiday illness in Turkey, and specifically against this resort. It seems that the cause could be to do with a similar problem as before, contaminated water. Also of note are reports of guests claiming that the resort is "overcrowded".

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Fancy Taking a Dip?

In the previous claims we handled, we heard how the grounds of the resort smelt like sewage, and that the pool was seemingly never cleaned. This led us to speculate that the grounds were being cleaned with waste water, which seeped into the floor, contaminating the general area and swimming pool.

This time, guests have taken to travel review website Tripadvisor, stating that the pool was repeatedly closed. There were also several reviewers reporting holiday illness. A grandparent took to the site and mentioned that there was problems with the pool, as children were quite frequently defecating in it, and that the resort was overcrowded.

His grandchildren fell ill with sickness and diarrhoea, and his grandson was diagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis, a form of illness often involving contaminated water, but can also come from undercooked food.

Not just the Pool

One holidaymaker mentioned the need for better food hygiene, adding that the staff should wear gloves when handling food, in order to reduce the risk of getting food poisoning whilst on holiday. This was supported by another who stated that bouts of sickness and diarrhea led to a 2 night hospital stay for a member of their party. The reviewer called the food temperature and hygiene in the restaurant "questionable", seeming to blame her child's bout of illness on the food at the resort.

It may be that Cryptosporidium isn't the only bug causing trouble at the Grand Cettia resort, Turkey. While you can catch it from food, it's less common. Undercooked food can cause illnesses such as Salmonella food poisoning and Campylobacter and will produce the same vomiting and diarrhea seen among the obviously frustrated holidaymakers we've mentioned in this article.

If you have been to the Grand Cettia, we'd like to hear from you. It may be that we can help you make a claim for compensation after illness ruined your holiday. When the resort is at its busiest, it's often the case that many holidaymakers will fall ill around the same time. However this isn't your fault, and any information relevant to your claim may help others too.

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