Illness at Hotel Iberotel Dahabeya – Egypt – Holiday Compensation Claim


Holiday Compensation Solicitors Simpson Millar LLP are receiving enquiries from travellers’ returning from the Iberotel Dahabeya in Dehab, Egypt, complaining of illness. Advice is being provided by our specialist claims team about how to make compensation claims for illness free of charge.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claims Manager states:

"I am reading numerous reports about holiday makers being struck down with profuse diarrhoea and brutal stomach cramps at the Iberotel Dahabeya. One traveller reported how hotel guests were passing Imodium around the restaurant at breakfast rather than paying the extortionate prices charged at the local chemist."

"Holiday makers say Representatives are avoiding dealing with hygiene issues preferring to blame the illness on a change in climate – heat - sunstroke – over indulgence – and dehydration."

"However, E-coli is a bug that is commonly contracted by eating contaminated food and/or water – reports suggest that this problem could have affected over 90% of the hotels guests staying in June 2010!"

"Reports on consumer forums also report a number of hygiene issues including food being left exposed to high temperatures - food contaminated by insects - a lack of soap in the toilets and excrement left near the pool toilet for a day. These are serious hygiene issues which would suggest that the debilitating symptoms experienced by the Hotel’s guests were far more sinister than travellers’ diarrhoea."

"Ill holiday makers who are seeking compensation upon their return home from the Hotel Iberotel Dahabeya have the benefit of powerful consumer regulations in the 1992 Package Travel Regulations. These regulations entitle travellers who suffer illness abroad to claim compensation from their holiday tour operator, under UK law."

"If you are ill you should not return to work before seeking advice from your GP especially if you handle food or come into contract with the elderly, children, or anyone else with a suppressed immune system. E coli and other bacterial infections can be spread from person causing serious health risks to the vulnerable."

Simon continues to say:

"It is my intention to claim holiday compensation for those travellers returning from Egypt having suffered from an illness caused by contaminated food or poor standards of hygiene. This is not the first time I have heard reports of holiday makers returning from an Iberotel hotel in Egypt ill with a gastric illness."

"I have also been contacted by a client who contacted Amebiasis at the Iberostar Lamaya Resort, an infection caused by the parasite Entamoeba Histolytica which is often acquired by consuming water contaminated by faecal matter."

"Responsible tour operators should not be subjecting travellers to infectious gastroenteritis whether caused by E-coli – Salmonella – Amebiasis – Campylobacter or indeed any bacterial or parasitic holiday bug."

"The Hotel Iberostar Dahabeya is one of a number of Iberotel hotels featured in the brochures of UK tour operators such as Thomson - Portland Holidays and Thomas Cook. Other all-inclusive hotels featured by these tour operators include amongst others the Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort, Iberotel Makadi Saraya Resort, and the Lamaya Resort."

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