Ignoring asbestos puts your life in grave danger


The Health and Safety Executive have said that nearly 4,000 people a year are dying due to asbestos exposure and unless workers start protecting themselves now this figure is only set to rise.

Many workmen are complacent about the effects of asbestos and 1 in 10 is not aware of the dangers of exposure.

Many asbestos related diseases have devastating effects on the victim's life as well as their family. Mesothelioma which is a cancer of the lining of the lung can be caused by inhaling a small amount of asbestos fibres whereas other asbestos related illnesses develop after longer periods of exposure.

Sadly, asbestos related diseases are often diagnosed during the later stages of the disease due to the long "lag time" between exposure and symptoms occurring eg anything from 10 – 50 years.

The majority of workers affected are former employees in industries such as shipbuilding and railways, but even in this day and age people are still being put at risk. Recently Selfridges replaced display windows of its 100 year old Oxford Street branch after asbestos was found in some of the frames.

Many old buildings still contain asbestos as it can be deemed safe if it is left undisturbed. All workers should follow the correct procedure if they come into or suspect contact with asbestos, if they choose to ignore the danger now it could prove to be fatal in years to come.

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