If I'm Young, Will I Just be Told to 'Get Over it?'


Samuel Essien, a 20 year old trainee engineer, broke his ankle at work when health and safety procedures weren't followed, meaning several boards fell onto his ankle and broke it. In order to fix the damage to his ankle he needed screws fixing into his foot.

Safety Equipment

An Unexpected Injury

Sam was working on a site and had been asked to stack some boards with 3 other employees. To stack them together, 2 people laid them against Sam and another employee. As more and more boards were stacked against them, they got heavier and heavier. Eventually they came crashing down and landed on Sam. The force of the collapse broke his ankle and cut open his foot.

He went to hospital the next day, and to make sure he regained the use of his foot, he had screws put in.

The boards were particularly heavy, and Sam's employer exposed him to a foreseeable risk of injury by getting him to carry out this task.

Simpson Millar LLP Help Sam

After an injury like this, Simpson Millar LLP secured a medical report from an expert. This served 2 purposes for Sam:

  • Helped work out the value of his claim, using the report as evidence to make sure he gets the right compensation
  • Determined whether he needed any rehabilitation, and if so, what his options were

The medical report also showed there would be permanent residual on-going symptoms. Ruth Magee, Associate at Simpson Millar LLP valued Sam's claim for physical injuries to be approximately £6000.

We managed to settle his claim for the injury for £6500, without going to court. We also managed to secure £2647.81 to cover what he lost due to the injury, such as time off work and financing the care and assistance he received from his stepfather.

Sam's story shows that you don't necessarily have to 'miss out' when a solicitor settles your claim. He described Simpson Millar LLP as 'fast, efficient and overall brilliant'.

Top Tips to Take Home:

  • If you're a young person on a work site, special health and safety regulations may apply
  • Businesses are responsible for the actions of their employees in most situations
  • An out of court settlement doesn't necessarily mean less compensation

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