I slipped on spilt food in the hotel dining room - Can I make a claim?


Slips, trips and falls in hotel dining rooms are often due to other diners over filling their plates and cups with food or careless waiting staff who fail to clean up the mess.

Wet Floor Slips

Many hotels, especially in hotter climates, are equipped with marble flooring, which can cause terrible injuries if you land heavily on them. Injuries can include bruises, sprains, fractures and can sometimes be very serious.

If you slipped and fell in the dining room whilst you were on holiday due to a spill, you could be entitled to claim compensation when you arrive back in the UK.

Can I make a claim?

If you booked your flights and accommodation together with a tour operator then you were most likely on a package holiday. As such, you are protected by law and your tour operator will be responsible for your injuries.

If you booked your flight and accommodation separately then you are an independent traveller. Therefore, package holiday laws will not protect you. It may be worth finding out if you can make a claim under general consumer law.

To confirm whether you booked as a package or independently and how to proceed with your claim, you should contact a solicitor for legal advice.

What Can I Do to Help My Claim?

To help strengthen your claim you should report your accident as soon as possible to all of the following people:
  • The manager of the hotel
  • Your hotel representative
  • Your tour operator's head office in the UK if there is no hotel rep

You should get medical attention as soon as possible after your fall in the dining room. If you pay for any prescriptions, medication or treatment, ensure you keep receipts as you will be able to claim compensation for any expenses you incurred as a result of your injury.

If there were any witnesses who saw you fall over the spilt food, get their name and contact details so they can provide a statement. If possible, take photos of the scene and your injuries. All of these things could go a long way to helping you make a successful holiday injury claim and help your solicitor to build your case.

How do I get legal advice?

It is important to approach a reputable solicitor as soon as possible after your fall on holiday. They will be able to put all of your evidence together, contact your witnesses and approach the tour operator to negotiate your holiday claim.

Many solicitors now operate a 'no win no fee' service which means if they do not win your case, you will not need to pay them. This is to make sure that you receive the service and compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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