I fell whilst at the supermarket, is it worth making a claim?


The average Brit spends 18 days a year shopping and 5 hours and 35 minutes queuing each month, mostly at the supermarket. Based on this it's not surprising that accidents happen in supermarkets. Trips, slips and falls on wet floors and wires are a serious hazard.

Supermarket Slip

Was the supermarket responsible?

From the moment you pull into the supermarket car-park to when you leave with your shopping the supermarket has a legal duty to keep you safe. Whether it is a water spill, falling objects or a loose wire left out in the aisles your supermarket should protect you from harm and create a hazard free environment for you to shop. This applies whether it is one of the big high street supermarkets or a small independent grocer.

If you can show that your injury was due to the fault of the supermarket and it was not your fault then you can bring a claim for compensation.

What should I do if I fall in the supermarket?

After a supermarket fall, you should ensure that you do the following:
  • Report the accident in the store and make sure they record your injury in the accident book
  • Visit your GP or hospital immediately, as this may affect how much compensation you receive
  • Take photos of the scene to strengthen your claim - understandably this may be difficult if you are hurt, but you could ask a witness to take the photos
  • Ensure you ask witnesses for their names and contact details, so they can confirm your story
  • Speak to the supermarket staff who may be able to tell you if similar incidents have taken place in the store

Do I need a solicitor?

It is important you choose a solicitor experienced in personal injury, such as one who is part of the Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme, for example, Simpson Millar LLP.

You generally have 3 years from the date of the accident to make your claim. Your solicitor will draft a letter of claim detailing your injuries and how the supermarket was at fault and send this to them. The supermarket then has 3 weeks to acknowledge this and a further 3 months to tell your solicitor if they will take responsibility for your injury or not.

If the supermarket accepts responsibility then your solicitor will be able to calculate how much compensation you are entitled to and aim to negotiate with the supermarket's insurers. If they don't accept responsibility then your solicitor will start court proceedings, which may push the supermarket to negotiate. Having a solicitor negotiate your personal injury claims is vital to the success of your claim. It could make the difference between getting what you are owed and getting nothing. It will also give you confidence that your best interests are being taken care of.

In the unlikely event you do not reach an agreement through negotiation, then your claim will have to go through the court process and a judge will decide how much compensation you are entitled to. Having proper legal representation is essential to winning your case. In this aspect a solicitor is invaluable as they will know the court process and how to best present your claim to the judge.

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