I fell when getting off a coach whilst on an excursion - can I claim for my injury?


The answer is most likely 'yes'.

How you can claim for injuries after falling off the coach will depend on how you booked your holiday or excursion.

Package Holiday

Did you book your excursion as part of a package holiday?

Regardless, of where the coach was taking you - to go sight-seeing, shopping or a boat trip - if your excursion was booked as part of a package holiday then your tour operator is responsible for your health and safety.

A package holiday is when all flights, accommodation and food are included at an all-inclusive price.

Did you book your excursion with your holiday rep?

Holiday goers will often book an excursion with their holiday rep once they have reached their destination, in the belief that your transport is being provided by the tour operator.

If your operator is responsible for any transport provided then they must ensure that the coach is safe. If you fell from the coach and injured yourself through no fault of your own, but because of defects in the coach, problems with the driver or poor safety standards - then your tour operator is responsible.

Did you book your excursion locally at your destination?

If you booked your excursion locally and not through your tour operator then it is unlikely you will be protected by English law for falling off the coach.

It is possible that your claim can be considered under the local law of the place where the accident happened. You also try and claim directly from the company you booked your excursion with.

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