I cut my foot on a broken swimming pool tile whilst on holiday - Can I claim compensation?


An accident on holiday can ruin your trip and make it difficult to enjoy yourself. But rest assured, if the accident was not your fault you can make a claim for compensation.

Swimming Pool Accident

Who is responsible for my accident?

If you booked a package holiday then your tour operator is responsible for ensuring your health and safety. A package holiday is one in which your flights, accommodation and meals are all included together at an all-inclusive price.

This means that they provide you with accommodation that is clean and safe. Also, if your accident occurs on an excursion organised as part of your package holiday you could also claim compensation for this.

Can I claim for a swimming pool accident?

As you cut your foot on a swimming pool tile at the hotel, then your tour operator could be responsible if they failed to ensure you were reasonably safe on holiday.

Slips, trips and falls are common around pools that have not been maintained - so ensure that you take care. If you have children, they may be excited and eager to jump in and play. Remember that most hotels abroad do not employ lifeguards and your children must be supervised by you at all times.

How can I claim compensation?

If the accident was not your fault and caused through the neglect of your hotel, then you can make a claim for compensation.

f you booked a package holiday then you have 3 years to make a claim for compensation against UK tour operators or 3 years from when a person reaches the age of 18. But this may only be 2 years if your accident occurred during a flight or cruise.

To help your solicitor when making a claim, you may need to provide the following:
  • The hotel report from your accident
  • A written accident report from your tour operator
  • Photographs of the scene or any video footage you may have taken
  • Details of other holiday makers that may have been affected

What can I claim compensation for?

As well as compensation for your injury, you can also claim compensation for:
  • The cost of your ruined holiday
  • Loss of holiday enjoyment
  • Medical and out of pocket expenses
  • Loss of earnings

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