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On 6th April 2017, the Home Office introduced fee increases for a variety of immigration services offered inside and outside of the UK.

Arshia Hashmi, a Solicitor in our Immigration team, explains what these increases mean for individuals, their families, and employers.

Immigration Applications Made Outside Of The UK

There have been some substantial increases in immigration fees for applications that are made outside of the UK.

Settling In The UK

Applications to settle in the UK on a permanent basis are amongst those that will increase the most:

  • Individual applications will now cost £1,464 for individuals, even though it costs the Home Office £423 to process each application
  • Dependent relatives who want to apply to settle in the UK will have to now pay £3,250 – it costs the Home Office £423 to process a single application

Visiting The UK

The fee increases for visa applications, however, aren't as drastic for anyone who would like to come to the UK on a temporary basis:

  • 6-month visas will increase by £2
  • 2-year visas will increase by £7
  • 5-year visas will increase by £12
  • 10-year visas will increase by £15

Working In The UK

If you're thinking of working in the UK, the Government is also increasing the fees for the following applications:

Applications To Study In The UK

Short-term student visas for up to 6 months will go up by £4.

Transfer Of Conditions

If you're applying for a transfer of conditions application overseas, you'll have to pay £169 – this is £20 less than the previous fee.

Immigration Applications Made Within The UK

The costs of making applications within the UK have also gone up:

  • Indefinite leave to remain in the UK: if you want to settle in the UK on a permanent basis now, your application will cost £2,297 – this application costs the Home Office £252 to process a single application
  • Naturalising as a British citizen: you'll now have to spend an extra £46 when making an application to naturalise as a British citizen
  • Working in the UK:
    • Tier 1 applications: these will now cost between £5 – £35 more per application.
    • Tier 2 applications for sponsored workers: the fee for each application will be £9 – £26 more expensive than before. Remember that the new immigration skills charge for tier 2 applications will apply to employers who hire staff from outside of the EEA.  
    • Tier 5 applications for temporary and charitable workers: the fee for this type of application will rise by £5.
  • Applying to study in the UK:
    • Tier 4 applications will now cost £9 more
  • Transfer of conditions:
    • A transfer of conditions application for indefinite leave to remain: this will now cost £237, which is £29 less than before
    • A transfer of conditions application for an individual and their dependents: this is now £168, in contrast to the £223 individuals had to pay for this application before 6th April

No changes have been made to the cost of applying for a biometric residence permit.

Arshia Comments:

"It's concerning that there have been steep rises in the costs of making certain immigration applications, and this will very likely have a serious impact on whether someone has the financial means to make an application."

"If you're worried about how these changes will affect you or someone you know, speak to our Immigration team as soon as you can."

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