How To Instruct An Employment Solicitor Through Legal Expenses Insurance


Employees who are thinking of bringing a claim against their employer can often find this difficult due to legal costs as well as other expenses, such as court fees.

In most cases, an employee will only take this course of action if they have exhausted all other options, such as using their employer’s internal grievance process or a settlement option. 

But legal expenses insurance (LEI) on insurance policies, such as a home insurance policy, can provide a way for you to fund a claim against your employer.

What Is Legal Expenses Insurance?

Many employees may not be aware of the benefits of having the optional extra cover for legal expenses on your household insurance policies. Legal expenses insurance can protect you and provide you with the funds you need to cover the costs of employing a solicitor to act on your behalf.

This insurance could provide the answer to all your worries about adequate representation and advice if you're involved in a dispute with your employer over:

Legal expenses cover is usually sold as an add-on to household insurance policies and covers the consequences of events that have not yet occurred, such as employment disputes.

Do I Have Legal Expenses Insurance Cover?

We recommend checking the details of your insurance policies and finding out exactly what you are covered for and how you should go about making a claim or legal enquiry.

Alternatively complete the attached form and return it to us and we will make the necessary enquiries for you.

Your insurance company will probably require that you initiate the enquiry through them in the first instance, e.g. by ringing their legal helpline and taking their advice. If it becomes necessary to lodge a claim you have the right to select an independent solicitor of your choice to act on your behalf rather than a solicitor from the insurance company's own panel.

Once you have given the insurance company your solicitor’s details they should get in touch with your solicitor to look into your case. This may be subject to your insurer confirming that the terms of the policy will cover your particular case.

How Can Simpson Millar Help Me?

We know that legal costs can be quite daunting if you're issuing a claim against your employer. But, our employment solicitors are willing to explore the option of legal expenses insurance with you, and have considerable experience in dealing with these types of claims.

If you have any questions about legal expenses for potential employment tribunal claims, please contact a member of our employment law team on 0345 357 9348.

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