How Much Does A Good Divorce Cost?


The Sunday Telegraph have highlighted the number of couples who are now divorcing, after the UK emerges from one of the longest recessions ever witnessed. The economy is slowly on the mend, allowing people more breathing room to make decisions they previously would not have been able to make.

The cost of Divorce

Is There Such Thing as a Quickie Divorce?

Divorces are now quicker and cheaper than ever. There has never been such a thing as a "quickie divorce" – the same process applies for everyone, providing that the petition in not defended. It is however now easier than ever to get a divorce petition prepared. Online providers offer a "hassle free" divorce for under £40. But beware, this does not include charges for filing paperwork with the court and can mask additional charges for checking everything is correct.

Simpson Millar LLP offers fixed fee divorces from £118.80 (incl of VAT). Included within the charges is a consultation with a qualified solicitor who will then prepare the paperwork for you. An important thing to note when considering a DIY divorce, is what you will agree on when it comes to financial matters. Splitting your assets, such as property and money is a permanent affair – if done properly. Once the deal has been done and "rubber stamped" in court there's no going back. If you conduct your divorce online, or you decide to represent yourself and don't seek legal advice in respect of financial matters, there may be finer details you miss. You will not be able to go back to these in the future. Therefore, you should consult with a solicitor to get the best advice based on your current circumstances.

Representing Yourself?

Consider this, you walk into court with your speech prepared, assuming the other party is representing themselves as well. Then you get a shock when their solicitor steps forward to provide representation? How would you feel?


This is something that is happening more and more as the increase in 'litigants in person' continues. Unless you have a background in family law, it is very uncommon to know what to expect when you're in court. A solicitor will be able to maximise the outcome of any settlements achieved on the day to ensure that you don't lose out along the way.

Can I Afford a Solicitor?

The number of family law firms that are now offering set fee packages are on the increase to address the number of people choosing to represent themselves. People often do this because they think they cannot afford a solicitor, yet are in real need of support.

Simpson Millar LLP has pioneered an "Access to Justice" service for people who would previously have been financially eligible for legal aid but no longer meet the new criteria set by the Legal Aid Agency. It is often more cost effective to employ a legal professional to ensure the best outcome for yourself and all involved than to try to conduct proceedings alone. Not only are you paying for that solicitors time, you are paying for their years of experience in the family court system – valuable assets you can't afford to continue without.

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