How Much Compensation Will I Receive?


While personal injury compensation isn't just a 'numbers game', one of the most common questions we're asked is, 'How much compensation will I receive if I'm successful?'Personal Injury Compensation Diagram

It's perfectly acceptable to ask a personal injury solicitor this question, because if you've suffered some sort of personal injury, you're only too aware that there are bills to pay, mouths to feed, and trips to the hospital to make. This all costs money and you may have to take time off work. So how much compensation could you realistically receive?

Your Case is Different

No single personal injury claim is the same, and obviously this article can't give you a personalised, 100% accurate figure. However, we can provide examples of typical cases we've handled and how much compensation that person received. We can also provide you with an insight into how parts of it are calculated.

What Affects My Compensation Amount?

  • The effect on your life expectancy
  • Your age and gender
  • The effect on your social and domestic life
  • How your current and/or future job prospects

Minor Injury from a Slip, Trip, or Fall - £4,000

One man we helped fell over a hole in the pavement, fracturing his foot. His case was quite typical of many slips, trips and falls, and after we gathered medical evidence of the injury to his foot, he received £4,000 in compensation. It was believed there wouldn't be any permanent, lasting injury, but his case illustrates that even though he would recover from the injury, there was a psychological impact on him, where he had distressing memories after the experience.

Painful Back Injury Which Caused Ongoing Additional Problems - £10,500

A woman with a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) was involved in an accident at work. She attempted to lift an overweight mailbag, causing a significant back injury. With medical evidence, we are able to demonstrate that her recent bout of DVT was caused by her accident. Although she returned to work on light duties, the worker has on-going symptoms and has been referred by her employer for physiotherapy.

Serious Head Injury with Life-changing Effects

An A level student travelling in the front passenger seat of a car suffered serious injuries across his body and fractured his skull. This resulted in traumatic brain injury, resulting in difficulties processing information, visual memory, impaired executive functioning and behavioural disturbance. He was unable to finish his education.

In these kinds of cases, wherever possible we will try to secure an interim payment. This is a partial payment of compensation which can be provided to the victim before legal proceedings have finished. This is vital in ensuring that a victim is able to financially support themselves throughout the legal process. We were able to secure an interim payment for the student quickly, and eventually we were able to recover £1,300,000 in compensation.

Can I Claim for any Expenses?

If your injury has caused you financial loss, you are able to include these losses in the claim, as long as they are a result of the injury. Receipts for costs or evidence in support of the loss would usually be expected. This could include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Care costs (including if your family looked after you)
  • Insurance excess
  • Lost earnings because of time off work

How Can I Get a Better Idea of What I'm Entitled to?

This serves as an indication of cases that may be similar to your own, and also demonstrates the kinds of things you can include in a compensation claim. However, if you want to get an accurate valuation of a claim, you should contact a personal injury solicitor with sufficient experience to do so.

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