How Hot is your Holiday Food?


It's not quite How Clean is your House, but it's probably more important to get right!

On BBC One consumer watchdog programme "Holiday Hit Squad", the presenters carried out some testing of food temperatures at a standard all inclusive holiday buffet at the l’Ambience Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey. The results were quite chilling, literally. If food isn't kept at the right temperature after it's been cooked, there is a serious risk of holiday food poisoning, from illnesses such as Campylobacter, E-coli, Norovirus, and Salmonella.

Holiday Hit Squad

On the show, the presenters spent the day at a hotel, mostly in the dining area, but also in the kitchen. They looked at several types of buffet foods that were served to guests - such as cold meats, 'hot' main courses, soups and salads.

In the morning when it came to breakfast, they noticed a few things that may put some people off, such as flies around the sneeze guards.

Some of the food appeared to be leftovers from the day before evidenced by visible 'maulings', where it looked like guests had taken food from the serving trays, rather than it being neatly arranged.

When they tested the food temperature throughout the day, words such as 'luke warm' and 'blood temperature' were used.

Blood temperature is 36-37 °C.

This is incredibly dangerous as harmful bacteria thrives at this temperature. The Food Standards Agency advise that hot foods must be kept at 63°C or above, meaning that the food tested at the Bodrum resort fell far short of the requirements.

What are the Risks?

We've put together a table of holiday illnesses to show you what you need to keep an eye out for.

Holiday Illness Guide

The Holiday Hit Squad report demonstrates that either standards aren't as high abroad, or the enforcement of those standards is weak.

If you fall ill as a result of poor hygiene standards in your holiday resort on a package holiday, you can seek free initial advice from our International Holiday Travel Law team.

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