Hollie Guard: How An App Could Keep You Safe


A new app has been created to turn your smartphone into an advanced security device - and could revolutionise how we think about making journeys alone, instances of stalking, and domestic violence.

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The Hollie Gazzard Trust was set up by Hollie's family in the wake of her murder at the hands of her ex-boyfriend whilst she was at work. They have created the app in the hope that others will be encouraged by her sad story and use the app to help prevent domestic violence.

What does The App Do?

Hollie Guard is a completely free app that turns most smartphones into a security device; at its very simplest, a shake or tap will automatically send your location and evidence to your emergency contact.

With a range of options suited to your personal needs, the app can help in a number of ways:

  • Personal - when faced with a compromising situation, the user can send an alert to an elected emergency contact to let them know that they are unsafe (including; video, audio, and location) with just a shake. A second shake will produce a flashing light and beeping sound to draw attention to the situation.

  • Stealth – a silent alarm for when you do not want to alert anyone around you that you feel threatened; your message will be sent secretly. This can also be sent as a 'Soft Alert' by just pressing the volume up button on your smartphone.

  • Deterrent – If you feel like a more obvious showing of your discomfort is best, the deterrent alarm will visibly show that you've raised the alarm, and that your evidence is being uploaded. Like with the Personal option, the deterrent will produce a flashing strobe like and high pitched beeping noise.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Discreet – for victims of domestic abuse, it can be used discreetly on a smartphone; likewise in public it can be used without telling the other person you do not feel at ease

  • It's Free – there's no reason not to get the app; men and women, young and old alike, can all download and use it to prevent domestic violence
  • Awareness – not only does the app keep you aware, it provides peace of mind for your family and friends, especially on worrying journeys.

How Do I Get The App?

The Hollie Guard App has been created to support most mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

For more information on the app itself, head over to www.hollieguard.com.

Jenine Abdo, Family Law Solicitor in Simpson Millar's Cardiff office shares her thoughts on the app:

"I was really sad to hear the circumstances about how and why this project was born. However for Hollie’s parents to have created this amazing app idea in order to protect women and men is remarkable. In a world which today revolves around social media and technology, it will help many especially those of a vulnerable age (teenagers), students who are living away from home, as well as women and men who may or have suffered physical violence and abuse."

"Sadly a recent spate of sex attacks I Cardiff within student populated areas, having an app like this on their phones can make such a difference. As a Cardiff Solicitor who holds legal clinics and works with a national domestic violence organisation this app will not only protect people who walk into my clinic but can potentially help save lives too."

How Can Simpson Millar Help?

If you are a victim of domestic violence, asking for help can be one of the scariest things you have to do. Not all violence is of the physical nature, and more often we are seeing emotional abuse playing a part in domestic violence cases.

Our domestic violence solicitors are on hand to discuss your options confidentially allowing you to take control of the situation.

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