Holidaymaker receives abusive emails from Thomson employee after holiday complaint


A woman who was emailed abuse by an anonymous Thomson employee has received an apology from the giant holiday company.

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Arriving in Mexico for a £3,000 holiday with her fiancé, Gemma Fish telephoned the firm's 24-hour customer service line and likened her hotel room to a "prison cell".

Her complaint prompted Thomson to move Ms Fish and her fiancé to another room. 1 month after returning home, however, Ms Fish received a sequence of abusive emails from the company.

The 3 emails, which had been sent early in the morning, read:

"Gemma do u really think we give a **** Because we dont so shut the **** up with ur moaning and book with Thomas Cook coz we dont want ur custom lol and the hotel have said u r one MOANING b***h"

"Gemma we are sorry that ur room is NOTHING like you thought it would be like..But you need to go an see ur rep but she really won't really give a s*** like the 24/7 holidayline..."

"You should have booked with Thomas Cook...."

A spokesperson for Thomson said that an employee had sent the "inappropriate" notes after tampering with some internal email accounts.

"We carried out a full internal investigation, as well as supporting the police in their investigation, the issue was dealt with immediately and the staff member was dismissed," said the spokesperson.

Offering Ms Fish compensation of £150 and reassuring its customers that the incident was "isolated", Thomson added: "Customer service is of paramount importance to Thomson and we have taken all the steps necessary to ensure it does not happen again."

The incident has been featured in BBC1's Watchdog Daily at 11am today (Thursday).

Simpson Millar LLP's Nick Harris, who specialises in holiday complaints law and has previously contributed to the consumer affairs programme, said the incident had been distressing for Ms Fish.

"Every business whose service is based on online trading should remember that the ease with which internet communications can reach a global audience can be readily abused," Nick said.

"Sometimes complaints are not handled correctly and tour operators often try to 'fob off' holidaymakers with excuses and holiday vouchers instead of compensating them properly."

Since the story was aired on Watchdog, Thomson has offered Ms Fish compensation of a free holiday.

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