Holiday Waterslide Accidents


It is becoming more and more common for hotels abroad to build waterparks inside their resort, and these will obviously have at least one slide. However, not all of these waterparks are built to the same standard of quality we're used to in the UK, and some are unsupervised or encourage guests to use the slide in a dangerous way.

Swimming Pool Injury

What are the Problems?

Health and safety regulations abroad aren't always as high as they are in the UK. The rules can be more relaxed when it comes to carrying out a risk assessment, or checking that a structure has been made to a certain standard.

Common problems include:

  • A lack of water running down the slide, meaning people get stuck, and involved in 'pile ups'
  • Riders being encouraged to 'race' or go down in a 'train' of people
  • The slide isn't fully supported
  • There isn't enough space in the landing pool, meaning you crash into the walls
  • The walls of the slide are insufficient, meaning you can fall off

Your Responsibilities, and Top Tips

It's quite difficult to prevent a waterslide accident from occurring, outside of not using them at all! However, you should always make yourself fully aware of the rules of the slide and where any lifeguards are. You need to know when the slide is available to be used and what the time delay should be between people.

Also make sure that young children are supervised at all times, paying attention to how the slide works before you let them use it. There may be height restrictions in force for faster slides.

All inclusive holidays and alcohol often go hand in hand, therefore you should think about not using waterslides after you've been drinking.

Just because you are not prohibited from potentially unsafe behaviour, it doesn't mean you must indulge in it. You should act responsibly at all times. Being solely responsible for your own injury definitely doesn't entitle you to compensation!

However, everyone can be a bit more lax at times, or does something they regret, and to some extent the law recognises this. If both you and a tour operator are partly responsible for your accident, you can still make a claim for holiday accident compensation.

Their Responsibilities

The management of the holiday resort, and the tour operator who sold you the package holiday, both have a 'duty of care'. This means that in the resort, they should ensure that you don't come to any predictable and easily avoidable harm.

Good examples of what they should be doing to fulfil their duty of care are making sure that waterslides and pools are built to a good standard, and are maintained regularly. They should also consider having lifeguards and staff with first aid training around the waterpark.

If you're unfortunately the victim of a waterslide accident, you may be able to seek holiday accident advice from a UK based solicitor. The Package Travel Regulations 1992 allow you to take legal action against a tour operator for personal injury claims that occur in the holiday resort they sent you to.

This means you can make a claim whilst in the UK, under UK law. You don't have to argue points of Turkish, or Egyptian law or get a foreign lawyer.

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