Holiday Village Illness Claims – The First Choice Saga Continues


**Update 28th July 2015**

We Are Receiving New Reports Of An Illness Outbreak At The Holiday Village Tenerife Resort

Ill or Injured at one of First Choice’s Holiday Villages?

Simpson Millar’s Holiday Compensation Claims team are currently representing holiday makers who suffered illness after returning from an array of First Choice’s flagship Holiday Village Hotels.

Holiday makers staying at a Holiday Village often experience gastric illness suffering symptoms which include: stomach cramps – fever – headaches and uncontrollable bouts of diarrhoea.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claims Team Manager, says:

"Our current outstanding illness compensation claims relate to the follow Holiday Villages:

  • Coral/Red Sea Holiday Village Egypt
  • Sarigerme Holiday Village Turkey
  • Benalmadena Holiday Village Costa Del Sol, and
  • Rhodes Holiday Village"

"First Choices’ Holiday Village brand is described as a real all-in-one experience, advertised as all-inclusive resorts with numerous restaurants and bars, and packed with activities for that special family holiday abroad. Unfortunately many of these Holiday Villages have seen guests returning home with infections, such as, Salmonella – Campylobacter – Shigella - E-coli and/or Cryptosporidium."

Holiday Illness Claims Experts

"Holiday makers contemplating visiting a Holiday Village in 2011 should note that Salmonella - E-coli – Shigella and Campylobacter are often caused by food poisoning or poor hygiene practices, whilst Cryptosporidium is attributable to unhygienic swimming pools or soiled drinking water."

"Infection by these pathogens can cause a debilitating and long term illness which is certainly not the result of climate change – coconut oil - over indulgence or a viral bug passed from person-to-person."

Simon continues to say:

"I have successfully recovered compensation for those who stayed at the White Sands Holiday Village, Mexico and the Holiday Village Golden Beach in the Dominican Republic in recent years – hotels which First Choice no longer brand as ‘Holiday Villages'."

"Typical complaints Simpson Millar have heard over the last 18 months include:

  • Representatives blaming the hot weather or a mysterious virus for large scale sickness outbreaks
  • Doctors prescribing antibiotics to treat viral infections
  • Undercooked food and food being served luke warm
  • New food replenished on top of old food
  • Food being left exposed to heat and insects
  • Filthy swimming pool water containing faecal matter, and
  • Flies and insects infesting the restaurants and contaminating food"

"I have also monitored reports of illness at the Holiday Village Viva in Majorca and the Holiday Village Rhodes."

"I am concerned that First Choice’s flagship brand is continuing to fail to deliver hygiene standards fit for British holiday maker at the Holiday Village Red Sea Resort in Egypt – internet reports of illness have continued into 2011."

"Holiday makers should be aware that an illness caused by a bacterial infection is avoidable if adequate hygiene procedures are in place and maintained. Do not believe the virus, heat or coconut oil excuses put forward by tour representatives – they are foolish and could expose you to acute secondary infection!"

"I hope that holiday makers travelling to the brand new five star Holiday Village Manar in Tunisia, and those staying at the Holiday Village Tenerife in 2011, will not return home ill with sickness and diarrhoea."

We will be monitoring the following Holiday Villages for food poisoning and illness outbreaks in Summer 2011:

  • Holiday Village Algarve – Portugal
  • Holiday Village Flamengo Beach – Lanzarote
  • Holiday Village Costa Del Sol – Spain
  • Holiday Village Viva – Majorca
  • Red Sea Holiday Village Egypt
  • Holiday Village Aliathon – Cyprus
  • Holiday Village Turkey
  • Rhodes Holiday Village
  • Holiday Village Tenerife
  • Holiday Village Manar Tunisia

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