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The BBC programme Save My Holiday has highlighted a crucial aspect of going on holiday – make sure your travel insurance application is correct in every detail.

The programme featured the sad story of Lynn Fletcher’s mother Jean, who was on holiday in Bodrum, Turkey with Lynn and Lynn’s husband Paul. In her seventies, Jean was a lively lady who was thoroughly enjoying the holiday until she began to complain of stomach pains. Her condition worsened and she was taken by ambulance to a private hospital where she had an emergency operation for a blocked colon. Unfortunately, Jean took an even bigger turn for the worse and was admitted to intensive care at a cost of 2,000 Euros a day.

Check your Travel Insurance – Save my Holiday

And that’s when Lynn and Paul discovered that Jean’s travel insurance claim was declined – because of a minor mistake on her application form. The form had asked if Jean had been an in-patient at hospital in the last 6 months – she ticked ‘no’. However, Jean had been a day patient for a minor procedure and it was this that came to light and led the insurance company to decline her holiday insurance claim.

With costs mounting daily, after 6 weeks Lynn and Paul returned to the UK to see what they could do to get Jean home – the hospital bill now stood at 74,000 Euros. Because of non-payment, Jean was moved to the Istanbul State Hospital, which did not have the right equipment to treat her. So at this stage, and as a "humanitarian gesture", the travel insurance company made a payment of £30,000 which meant Lynn could have her mother brought home by air ambulance. According to Lynn her mother "looked a mess" and sadly she died within hours of arriving back in the UK.

On top of their loss, Lynn and Paul were left with a bill for 107,472.58 Euros and are hoping for help from their local MP to try to come to some arrangement. They are also campaigning for travel insurance forms to be made clearer.

There are 300,000 travel insurance claims made each year and the over 65s are 3 times more likely to make a travel insurance claim than a 35 year old. Lynn and Paul used the programme to highlight how crucial it is to ensure your travel insurance application is absolutely accurate and advised that you disclose any medical details, however minor, when you apply for travel insurance.

Their story shows how one small mistake led to personal and financial misery. But, hopefully, it will serve as a good warning to others, especially the over 65s, to check, check and check again that your holiday travel insurance application is as accurate as possible.

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