Holiday makers should take carbon monoxide alarms


A new health awareness campaign has been launched by CO Awareness and the Health Protection Agency North West regarding carbon monoxide poisoning.

The groups are warning all holiday makers that their accommodation such as hotels, caravans, boats and holiday homes could be a hazard to their health.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas which can build up due to poorly maintained, faulty or inadequate ventilation of fossil fuel burning appliances. The gas can build up very quickly and due to its colourless, odourless and tasteless properties can prove to be fatal.

Holiday makers are being urged to take carbon monoxide alarms with them to ensure the safety of their families whilst on holiday. The alarms are small and will easily fit instead suitcases and cost around £20.

A carbon monoxide detector is one of the best possible ways protect your family from these deadly fumes as the effects can be devastating.

Carbon monoxide poisoning makes it extremely difficult for the blood to carry oxygen around the body and in effect starves vital organs of oxygen.

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