Holiday Illness Nightmares continue at Sentido Perissia Hotel in Turkey


Hundreds of British holiday makers have been affected by an illness bug at the luxury 5-star hotel, Sentido Perissia in Side, Turkey.

Turkey Holiday Illness

Many of the guests have complained after an illness causing vomiting and severe diarrhoea has struck at the hotel. In some cases, the symptoms have been so severe that guests have found themselves in hospital and had their holiday's ruined.

Simpson Millar LLP is currently representing and are continuing to be contacted by a number of holiday makers that have had their Turkish holiday ruined by the illness outbreak at the Sentido Perissia. Reports appearing in the national press, including the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror, show the potential scale of the problem at Thomas Cook’s Sentido Perissia Hotel.

Thomas Cook has sent many British holiday makers on all-inclusive holidays to the Turkish resort. However, complaints received about the resort suggest that there have been issues with illness going back to late July.

Poor standards at the Sentido Perissia Hotel

Most of the complaints from holiday makers have been centred around poor standards of hygiene at the hotel, for example, a waiter leaving the toilets without washing his hands and then proceeded to touch food that was ready to be served to guests.

Many holiday makers have complained of falling ill after just being at the hotel for a few days and then being left to look after themselves. Some were even told to take taxis to the hospital because staff did not want ambulances to be seen outside of the hotel.

Advice if you are staying at the Sentido Perissia Hotel and have been struck down with illness

  • Report the incident to the Manager of the Sentido Perissia Hotel
  • Report the incident to your Thomas Cook Rep
  • Never accept any financial offers made of compensation until you have gained legal advice
  • If possible take photographs or video footage
  • Talk to other holiday makers and swap contact details, as you have a far better chance of gaining compensation if you act as a group
  • Ask if anyone will be a witness for you and obtain their contact details
  • Seek medical attention (NB: remember to keep all receipts and if you can get copies of any medical records or reports that will also help your claim)
  • Contact a specialist holiday illness solicitor, such as Simpson Millar LLP to obtain advice and information about how to pursue a holiday compensation claim

Advice for anyone how has booked to go to the Sentido Perissa Hotel in Turkey

If you have pre-booked your holiday with the Sentido Perissa Hotel it is advisable to contact your travel agent/tour operator for advice as to the current situation. If you feel that the advice they give you is unsatisfactory then you can contact ABTA here:

Tour operator lets down holiday makers

Further reports suggest that Thomas Cook reps have failed to provide relief to the troubled British holiday makers, telling them that they were simply suffering from "too much sun".

It would appear from the stories that have appeared in the media that families with ill children were requesting to be flown home but were told to arrange their own flights at a further cost.

In response to this Thomas Cook, to their credit, look to have suspended holidays to the hotel for the time being.

Legal action for holiday illness

Many of the holiday makers are now taking legal action after suffering from this particularly aggressive illness and will be looking to recover compensation for their lost holidays and for the pain and suffering that they have experienced.

Andrew Tarling, Holiday Compensation Claims Manager at Simpson Millar LLP, said: “This particular incident demonstrates that it isn’t just holiday makers in low-cost resorts that are at risk of holiday illness. The Sentido Perissia is a 5-star hotel and holiday makers have spent a great deal of money to stay there.”

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