Holiday Illness News - Jaz Mirabel Resort - Egypt


Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors are continuing to speak to holiday makers returning ill from the Jaz Mirabel Beach and Jaz Mirabel Park Resort in Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt.

Holiday makers are complaining of illness at the Hotels affecting large numbers of the hotels’ guests causing painful stomach cramps – diarrhoea and sickness.

Simon Lomax, Holiday Illness Claims Manager said:

"Holiday makers are mainly complaining that food served at the Jaz Mirabel is at best lukewarm and that wild birds are allowed to contaminate the dining facilities. This is unacceptable as birds carry diseases. Other guests reported contaminated water."

"Food should always be served at the correct temperature to avoid the growth of bacteria such as salmonella. So far we have been contacted by more than 30 people from all over the UK who have been struck by illness at the Jaz Mirabel complex."

"The illnesses in the majority of cases appear to be predominantly diarrhoeal which in my experience rules out a norovirus as a possible cause of infection. "

"Norovirus symptoms classically include vomiting and the illness is short lived. The people we have spoken to have generally been unwell for quite some time and in a number of cases are still suffering."

"My advice to holiday makers who become ill on holiday is to seek urgent medical attention. We understand that the hotels do have a resident doctor who has been kept busy administering injections and in some cases placing guests on drips in their rooms."

Simon added: "I am in the process of investigating the claims and will be seeking to recover substantial compensation if it transpires that food poisoning or poor standards of hygiene are the cause of the illness outbreak.

"I would be interested to speak to anyone who has been affected by illness at the Jaz Mirabel complex."

The Jaz Mirabel Resort complex comprises of 3 hotels sharing the same facilities – the Jaz Mirabel Beach – the Jaz Mirabel Park and the Jaz Mirabel Club.

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