Holiday Illness Compensation - Jaz Mirabel Beach/Park Complex, Egypt


Simpson Millar's specialist Holiday Illness Compensation team have seen an increasing number of reports on popular holiday consumer forums of tourists’ coming home from the Jaz Mirabel Beach Resort Complex in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, complaining about the quality and choice of the food served at the Hotel. Typical reports state that there are concerns over the level of food hygiene including: serving hot food at luke-warm temperatures; cheeses being uncovered and left out in the heat; and serving utensils with congealed food left on dirty plates for holiday makers to use.

One report suggests British tourists were asked to provide stool samples with many other guests saying they fell ill with a severe holiday sickness bug between April and June this year at this Jaz Mirabel in Sharm.

Many holiday makers who stayed at the Jaz Mirabel Complex suggest illness symptoms include severe diarrhoea – terrible stomach cramps – and fever. Holiday makers have also reported taking antibiotics from local pharmacists to combat their symptoms.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Compensation Claims Manager says:

"I can confirm that we have received enquiries from holiday makers whose holidays at the Jaz Mirabel Complex were ruined by illness including one client who has been confirmed as suffering from BACTERIAL DYSENTERY, namely SHIGELLA, in May 2010."

"Holiday makers who return home ill from the Jaz Mirabel should not return to work immediately, but should first speak with their GP, if only to eliminate the possibility that they are suffering from bacterial dysentery. This action is particularly important for those who handle food or work with children or the elderly and anyone with a suppressed immune system."

"British holiday makers who are still abroad are advised to seek immediate attention from a doctor, if only to prevent the symptoms of diarrhoea from escalating."

"I intend to claim substantial compensation for those clients who suffer shigella infection or any other gastric illness caused by contaminated food or poor standards of hygiene at the Jaz Mirabel Complex. Holiday makers travelling with responsible tour operators including First Choice and Thomson Holidays etc should not be subjected to infectious gastroenteritis whilst on holiday."

The Jaz Mirabel Resort is part of a chain of hotels operating in Egypt which are exclusive to the Thomson/First Choice Group in the UK. The Jaz Mirabel Resort Complex consists of the Jaz Mirabel Beach and the Jaz Mirabel Park, although many of their facilities are shared.

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