Holiday Illness Claim – Food Poisoning, Virus or Parasite?


The Gastroenterologist – Diagnose your Holiday Illness

A Gastroenterologist is a consultant physician who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive system.

The most common problem Gastroenterologists diagnose amongst holiday makers returning to the UK is travellers’ diarrhoea, the symptoms of this holiday illness include: repeated episodes of diarrhoea – stomach cramps – dehydration and vomiting.

Holiday illness or travellers’ diarrhoea can be caused by a virus such as norovirus, or by a number of different types of parasites or bacteria. The bacteria and parasitic infections most commonly reported by travellers’ returning with gastric illness looking to make a holiday illness claim include:

SalmonellaCampylobacterEcoliShigella and Cryptosporidium .

Parasitic and bacterial illnesses are often caused by dirty hotel swimming pools or as a result of food poisoning or unhygienic food handling practices.

Holiday Illness Claims – Gastro

Bacteria – Parasite or the Tour Operators Excuse, the Virus!

If you complain to your holiday representative about suffering a holiday illness whilst abroad they inevitably claim your symptoms are due to change in temperature, coconut cooking oil, over indulgence, alcohol or a mysterious virus brought into the hotel by another guest!

These excuses are often repeated when returning holiday makers complain to tour companies whose staff vehemently repeat these suggestions without proper investigation. Customer Legal Staff of the major tour operator avoid paying compensation by saying:

“I’ve needed to look at the known factors and ascertain whether these illnesses were caused by our suppliers (the hotel), or whether they were more likely to be naturally caused.”

“Illness can be acquired on holiday just as it can at home, and by people living in such close proximity to one another, can allow the illness to spread rapidly. In the vast majority of cases, it is difficult to state exactly the origin of an illness suffered during the holiday.”

“I cannot find that the hotel acted negligently towards you in provision of services – in fact I believe it could have done little to stop the spread of this type of viral illness given the figures indicate that it must have been highly contagious. I have therefore decided not to offer you formal compensation.”

“As I am sure you are aware, forms of gastric illness, whilst unfortunate can be a frequent occurrence for holidaymakers. Whilst it is typically assumed that this is due to the consumption of contaminated food and water, or a lack of hygiene, there are many possible causes that should be taken into account. In actual fact, much illness that is initially thought to be food poisoning can often be due to the sudden and vast change in lifestyle, climate and diet.”

Most episodes of holiday illness lasting more than 72 hours are caused by food poisoning due to undercooked and ill prepared food or from the consumption of contaminated water.

Holiday Illness - Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

Most travellers’ will suspect that their holiday illness was not due to a virus but food poisoning or dirty water because of the conditions they endured at their holiday hotel. If food is served uncooked - particularly chicken - or they routinely observed poor hygiene practices and filthy swimming pool water then it is likely their illness was due to a failure in the hotel’s hygiene practices as opposed to a notorious guest who is spreading his bugs throughout the hotel!

Food Poisoning and Dirty Swimming Pool Water Checklist

We have listed below the 10 most common causes of holiday illness in the drop down list below:

The Gastroenterologist’s Role in Holiday Illness Claims

A gastroenterologist is able to diagnose your holiday illness and provide a prognosis, and based on the chronology and duration of your symptoms he may be able to lend an opinion on the most likely cause of your holiday illness to progress your claim.

Holiday Illness Claims Solicitors Advice

Simpson Millar’s Specialist Holiday Illness Claims Solicitors help holiday makers take on large tour operators to obtain the compensation they deserve. Travellers’ save hard for their holidays and if the tour operator or its hotelier is to blame for your sickness then seek advice today from a travel lawyer.

Latest News – Holiday Illness Compensation Settlements Agreed

Mr CP of South Tuckworth, Norwich, suffered from a gastric holiday illness during his stay at a Holiday Village Resort in the Dominican Republic. His symptoms developed into IBS which slowly resolved over a 12 month period. First Choice Holidays resolved the claim out of court for the sum of £6,800.

£2,200 for short term gastric holiday illness – Miss RM suffered gastroenteritis during a holiday in Playa Dorada. The symptoms included profuse diarrhoea – headaches and vomiting which she attributed to the Golden Beach hotels dirty swimming pool water. TUI UK Legal Team finally settled the claim after months of wrangling over liability.

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