Holiday Illness at Hotel Pegasos World – Turkey – Cryptosporidium!


Are you intent on Claiming Compensation because you suffered illness at the Pegasos World Hotel in Turkey from dirty pool water? Call Simpson Millar LLP now for free advice!

Holiday makers report suffering from stomach cramps and profuse diarrhoea claiming the Hotel Pegasos World’s children’s swimming pool was contaminated with Faecal Matter. Claim compensation today plus claim a £250 bonus for your ruined holiday if we take on your Pegasos World holiday claim – quote "cut out the middleman" at the outset of your enquiry to qualify.

Holiday Compensation Solicitors’ Simpson Millar LLP are currently receiving enquiries from Holiday makers returning from the Hotel Pegasos World in Side, Turkey, complaining of gastric illness caused by the parasite, Cryptosporidium. Free advice is being provided by our specialist holiday claims team about how to make compensation claims for this waterborne illness.

Dirty Swimming Pools often lead to illness abroad

Simon Lomax, Holiday Illness Claims Manager at Simpson Millar LLP states:

"I have received enquires about Holidaymakers being struck down with severe diarrhoea and brutal stomach cramps at the Hotel Pegasos World. Holiday makers are reporting that the swimming pool was dirty, littered with tissues, plasters, and faecal matter."

"Travellers’ claim that the Holiday Representatives avoided dealing with hygiene issues preferring to blame the illness on a change in climate – over indulgence – sunstroke - viruses and dehydration."

"Cryptosporidium is a holiday bug commonly contracted from pool water contaminated with faecal matter!"

"Reports on consumer forums claim the Hotel’s pool attendant simply fished excrement out of the children’s pool with a net. This was followed 30 minutes later by sprinkling chlorine into the water whilst children were still swimming!"

"Sick holiday makers are right to seek compensation upon their return home from the Hotel Pegasos World because they have the benefit of powerful consumer regulations in the Package Travel Regulations [Etc] 1992. These regulations entitle holiday makers who suffer illness to claim compensation from their holiday tour operator, under UK law."

Simon continues to say:

"Hotel suppliers should operate swimming pools to a reasonable safe standard of hygiene and enforce proper and effective faecal accident plans. It is simply unacceptable to fish excrement out of a pool with a net and to treat pool water with chlorine when it is known that this disinfectant is ineffective against parasites, such as cryptosporidium."

"It is my intention to claim compensation for holiday makers returning from the Pegasos World in Turkey who have suffered from illness caused by unsanitary standards of hygiene. This is not the first time I have heard reports of holiday makers returning from Turkish hotels ill with gastric illnesses from cryptosporidium."

"Hotels should not be subjecting holiday makers to infectious gastroenteritis whether caused by cryptosporidium - e-coli – salmonella - campylobacter or indeed any bacterial or parasitic holiday bug."

The Pegasos World is an 824 room hotel in Turkey featured by Thomson Holidays as a 4 star Platinum Hotel offered exclusively to their customers in the UK.

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