Holiday Henna Tattoo Hell


Are you considering having some temporary body art done whilst away on holiday? Would you let your children have a holiday henna tattoo?

Before you do, beware, as that decision may scar you or your child for life!

Specialist Holiday Accident Claims Solicitors at Simpson Millar are representing a number of holiday makers who have returned from holidays abroad with horrific scarring as a result of having a ‘temporary’ henna tattoo.

Henna Tattoo Scarring Injuries – Injury Claims Abroad

Scarred for life

Holiday makers are being offered the temporary henna tattoos at many popular holiday resorts across Europe, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia.

The temporary henna tattoos being offered to holiday makers come in two forms:

  • Natural henna tattoos are always brown in colour and are mostly completely harmless and will disappear completely after a few days
  • Black ‘henna’ tattoos contain a number of additional chemicals that are responsible for causing severe skin reactions and leaving horrendous scarring

PPD (Phenylenediamine), a dye that makes the ink black, is one particular chemical found in black henna tattoos. Its use in temporary henna tattoos is banned in Europe but it is still widely used in other holiday destinations such as Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. The PPD in temporary black henna tattoos can cause severe allergic reactions in one in four people.

Holiday makers returning home have reported suffering:

  • Severe swelling and blistering of the skin
  • Intense itching of the skin
  • Permanent scarring (with people in some really severe cases requiring skin grafts to repair the damage done)

Scarring is not the only problem that the temporary tattoos can leave you with. People can also suffer a lifelong sensitivity to PPD. This is problematic as PPD can be found in hair dyes, medications and some fabrics and any further reactions to PPD in the future become more and more serious.

Can I make a Holiday Accident Injury Compensation Claim?

You may be eligible to claim compensation from your UK Tour Operator or Travel Agent if the henna tattoo artist was offering their good and services within the hotel complex and as part of the all-inclusive holiday package.

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