Holiday Compensation – How FlyGlobespan proved our point in under 24 hours!


On 16 December 2009 we published a news article voicing our concerns about the lack of holiday compensation available to holidaymakers who put together and book their own holidays online. They are particularly vulnerable to holiday companies going into administration either before or even during their holidays – as has now happened to thousands of FlyGlobespan customers just a day later on 17 December 2009 with the Scottish airline being declared insolvent.

Almost 5,000 FlyGlobespan holidaymakers are now stranded abroad in Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and other popular holiday destinations. And yet more have already paid for flights that are no longer going to take off thanks to this latest airline business insolvency.

And shockingly around 3,400 of them will not be able to claim compensation for a holiday ruined by the FlyGlobespan’s collapse.

This is because they have planned and booked their flights themselves directly through the failed business' website. When holidaymakers use the internet to book holidays, often booking flights with one company and holiday accommodation with another, it is known as a "Dynamic Package".

We highlighted yesterday the fact that the Package Travel Directive 1990 was introduced to provide cover for holidaymakers going abroad on traditional package holidays, where holiday accommodation and flights are booked for an inclusive price. BUT, as yet it does not cover travellers who have put together their own Dynamic Package – as more than 3,000 FlyGlobespan customers are about to discover.

The European Commission is already looking into extending the cover provided to encompass Dynamic Package holidaymakers, including the ability to claim compensation if a travel firm or airline goes bust. The solutions to this consultation process are expected in autumn 2010.

But between now and then, despite FlyGlobespan’s collapse, many more people will be booking their own Dynamic Package holidays online, especially given the current discounts on flights and holiday accommodation. Egypt looks set to be a favourite destination in 2010, as do the ever-popular holiday resorts in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Turkey, Tenerife and the Dominican Republic.

Unfortunately these are also the destinations most likely to result in holiday compensation claims due to illness on holiday or an accident suffered in your hotel, villa, holiday resort or onboard a cruise ship.

As specialist Holiday Claims Solicitors we are experts in dealing with clients who have experienced illness such as food poisoning on holiday or accidents on holiday due to less stringent Health & Safety rules in countries like Egypt, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain.

In fact, we are expecting an influx of holiday compensation claims as a great many holidaymakers seem to be heading for Egypt this Christmas, where we are keeping a close eye on several hotels and resorts which have been known to have been the cause of holiday illness outbreaks like salmonella and e-coli in the past.

As soon as we get any news, we’ll update our site to let you know the holiday hotels or resorts in Egypt and other destinations to avoid if you can whilst booking your Dynamic Package.

Until the European Parliament votes on the extensions to the Package Travel Directive into law there is very little we can do as Holiday Claims Solicitors to claim compensation for FlyGlobespan customers or any other holidaymakers who have booked their own holidays and experience illness, personal injury or their airline or holiday company going into administration.

Next autumn we will be following the European Parliament’s decisions very closely and hope to be able to offer the same level of holiday compensation claims service currently enjoyed by ‘traditional’ package holiday travellers.

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