Holiday Claims Update – Sarigerme Salmonella – Holiday Village


Simpson Millar Solicitors LLP represent more than 100 holiday makers affected by a sickness outbreak at the Holiday Village Hotel in the resort of Sarigerme in Turkey.

Complaints of sickness at the Holiday Village Hotel rose sharply between July and August 2009 with holiday makers returning in September still reporting illness.

Nick Harris, Head of International Travel Law at Simpson Millar is alarmed by the number of holiday makers who have been affected and have tested positive for bacterial infections associated with food ranging from salmonella and campylobacter to infections associated with water such as cryptosporidium.

Harris said “It is unusual to find such a wide range of different bacteria affecting holidaymakers – First Choice Holidays must be very concerned and I am sure they will be working very hard to establish why this particular hotel is affected year after year."

Harris is also concerned that the true number of holiday makers affected by bacterial infections at the Holiday Village resort might never be known.

“We have spoken with a lot of people who sought medical help at the hotel. In every case the resident doctor failed to diagnose anything other than a holiday upset tummy. Only when these people have returned home and have consulted their own GP’s are they then being informed that they have potentially dangerous and communicable infections such as salmonella or cryptosporidium."

Harris said he would be very interested to hear from anyone who received a positive diagnosis of salmonella or cryptosporidium from the hotel’s resident medical team between July and the end of September 2009 – Harris has yet to hear from anyone who has.

“A worry is that if people are not quickly diagnosed and treated for salmonella or other bacterial infections they may suffer longer than necessary. They also present a high risk to others as these infections can be spread very easily – This is serious issue especially for anyone who may have infant children, is pregnant or has a low immune system or works in, for example, the food and catering industry."

"By failing to diagnose people infected by salmonella or cryptosporidium the chances of those people innocently spreading the infection amongst healthy guests is significantly increased."

Harris is hopeful that he can work with First Choice Holidays to reach an amicable and satisfactorily outcome in 100+ cases he is handling.

"The people we represent are your average man and woman in the street who work extremely hard all year to save for their holidays. They each placed their faith in First Choice Holidays and obviously at the moment feel very let down."

"First Choice is a reputable tour operator but regrettably sometimes things do go wrong. When this happens faith can often be restored by the response the tour operator provides. We should not ignore the fact that First Choice do have millions of very satisfied customers."

"We will be inviting First Choice Holidays to work with us. Our clients are their customers and my view is that a swift and fair response from First Choice would go along way to restoring faith."

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