High level of compensation awarded for car park drain accident!


Foot InjuryOur client was returning home with her young son from a supermarket shopping trip for food. She was parking her car in the defendant's private car park and chose the only available car parking space next to a garage on the left hand side.

After she had left the vehicle she opened the rear door to unstrap her son and lift him out the car. As she stepped back she got her foot caught in a drain cover. The drain cover was adjacent to the parking bay and as her foot caught the edge of the cover it lifted upwards and caused our client to fall and twist her right foot, which slipped partially into the drain.

The drain cover posed a clear hazard to the people who used the car park in its loose state. Because it was close to the parking bays there should have been warning signs or bright markings on the cover to highlight its presence to prevent accidents from occurring.

The defendant had disputed liability therefore we were required to issue and serve proceedings to the defendant. Once this was done, the defendant put forward an offer of £5,500 compensation which our client was happy to accept for her occupiers' liability case.

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