Hidden Hearing Infographic: What sounds are most loved?


With nearly 15% of the UK suffering from hearing problems with no knowledge of what to do, it's something that is not always discussed, and especially thought of at a young age. Hearing loss is usually affiliated with 'older' people, and something that happens gradually over time. What the UK does not realise is that anyone can have a hearing impediment, and many will have no idea! With 1 in 6 people suffering from some kind of hearing loss, and only 2 in 5 of these people diagnosed correctly, it is an issue that needs serious consideration. After all, many of us go for regular health checks, eye tests, and dental appointments, but not a hearing test until it's too late, and the damage has already been done. But why is this? If you were to lose your hearing for good, how would you feel?

To raise awareness of hearing loss, this month is Hearing Awareness Month. The idea is to spread awareness of the various hearing impediments, and why it is important to look after and protect your hearing! This innovative infographic has been created to highlight why you should protect your hearing, by showing the UK's most, and least favoured sounds. Explore the infographic, and discover if you share the same loved and hated sounds around the UK. Take a moment to think of how you would feel, and how it would affect your life if you could not hear these sounds again.

Most Loved Sounds - Hidden Hearing Infographic
Most Loved Sounds Provided by Hidden Hearing

Hearing loss can also be due to working in noisy environments or being exposed to certain sounds over a period of time and not being provided with protective equipment. It is always worth considering whether your working life could have contributed to the hearing loss you may be experiencing.

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