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Managed moves are sometimes a useful way in which a child who has been experiencing difficulties at school, particularly of a behavioural nature, or in respect of the company that they are keeping, are moved with the agreement of the schools and parents to another school.

There they can have a fresh start.

The idea is often to move them away from any negative influences that may have been impacting their behaviour. It is often a step that can be taken when it appears that exclusion is likely to be imminent.

The law is clear in that a managed move cannot be undertaken without the consent of parents. Similarly, the threat of permanent exclusion cannot be used to force a parent to agree to a managed move.

We are able to assist and advise in respect of managed moves, both in circumstances where they may be a viable solution, or as in the case detailed below, where the school is unlawfully seeking to force one.

Case Example

We acted for C, a 13 year-old girl at a very well regarded state faith school. She had a previously exemplary disciplinary record. Following a relatively minor indiscretion, her mother was told that she would have to accept a managed move to another local school.

Her mother wished her to remain at the school, and we pointed out to the school that managed moves could not be undertaken without the parent’s consent and pressure could not be put on parents to agree. Despite this, the school took the position that it was in the right and it could force the mother to agree to a managed move.

C was put in isolation at school in an attempt to pressurise the mother to accept a move, and she was told that her daughter would not receive any education until she agreed to the move.

Judicial review proceedings were issued, as attempts to resolve the situation otherwise had failed. Once proceedings were issued, the school backed down, and agreed to end C’s isolation, reintegrate her back into mainstream lessons and dropped the idea of the managed move.

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