Hearing loss victim receives compensation from employer


We recently helped a man claim compensation from his employer following long-term exposures to noise whilst at work. Our client received £10,000 in compensation for his injuries.

Our client worked for a major telecoms company and worked for the majority of his life on the underground system looking after jointing and the maintenance of the cables. He spent all day and all night sometimes in small areas with limited ventilation and no soundproofing. During his work he had prolonged use of oscillators and amplifiers which he used to pair a set of cables and to trace cables. The oscillators and amplifies transmitted loud beeps at varying different frequencies along with quite a bit of background noise and in some cases a range of feedback noises could also be heard which would range from white noise and a fuzzy sound to a loud fax feedback sound and a screeching sound.

Our client recalled that by the time he finished work some days he would return home with his ears feeling different or ringing.

Tinnitus cure and hearing loss compensation claims

We pursued a hearing loss claim for our client against his employer upon the basis that they failed to provide a duty of care to the employee and did not give any advice on exposure to noise and no preventative steps were taken by the company to reduce the exposure to noise. No hearing protection was provided.

Since retirement our client has suffered problems with his hearing and has noticed a hissing and loud buzzing sound in his left ear which has impacted on his quality of life.

Phillip Gower, Personal Injury Lawyer of Cardiff based Simpson Millar said: "After ongoing negotiations with his employer and their insurers we managed to gain an admission of liability from his employer and a settlement award of £10,000 for his hearing loss injuries. We have many cases that are similar to this and would urge anyone who has suffered hearing loss due to the nature of their work to get in touch."

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