Has the Red Sea Holiday Village Sickness Bug Returned?


National UK Law Firm, Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors are acting for a group of holiday makers that suffered from traveller’s diarrhoea at the Red Sea Holiday Village in 2013.

Holiday Village Illness

The specialist travel lawyers at Simpson Millar LLP have been helping people that suffered illness at the First Choice hotel from as far back as 2009. Since then customers have returned from the holiday village with bugs including Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter and E. Coli 0167.

Unfortunately, a number of people have contacted Simpson Millar LLP with reports of sickness and diarrhoea this year – similar to symptoms experienced by unlucky holiday makers in previous years.

BBC Watchdog Red Sea Holiday Village

Simpson Millar LLP’s Head of Travel Claims, Nick Harris, appeared on BBC’s watchdog this year in a bid to make First Choice do something about the problems that had been continuing in previous years.

However, it seems that the illness problems at First Choice’s Flagship property are continuing.

The hotel is marketed towards families and boasts a number of free form swimming pools as well a range of a la carte restaurants. Adults and children alike are attracted to the hotel because the excellent range of entertainment.

One of the most common reports relate to guests “doing their business” in the swimming pools. Staff at First Choice have even gone to the extent of providing written warnings to customers not to do it – under threat of eviction from the hotel.

Cryptosporidium at Red Sea Holiday Village

In 2010 there were a large number of customers that were diagnosed with Cryptosporidium when they arrived back in the UK. Cryptosporidium is usually contracted from faecal contaminated water and causes classic traveller’s diarrhoea symptoms including vomiting, stomach pains and diarrhoea.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Simpson Millar LLP represented people that suffered from Salmonella after they had stayed at the hotel. Salmonella can be caused by undercooked meat or poultry and the risks of contracting the infection can be decreased by kitchen staff adopting sensible hygiene standards.

Those thinking about making a claim for illness at the hotel, are urged to take legal advice as soon as possible after arriving back in the UK. The danger of complaining directly to the First Choice after-travel team, it could be detrimental to the whole claim if the wrong thing is said, especially of the member of staff at First Choice has legal training.

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