Had an accident at work? You could claim compensation…


Accidents at work are all too common. From slips, trips and falls causing personal injury to more serious accidents in the workplace which can cause brain injury, spinal injury or even death, often you can claim compensation for your accident at work.

So long as your accident at work was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation from your employer. That's because employers are responsible for the health and safety of people who work for them. Every employer should carry out a risk assessment to see where accidents at work could happen and to reduce the risk of employees having an accident at work.

Accidents at work can include trips and falls which result in a broken arm, a broken leg or broken ribs. These sorts of work accidents can happen in any kind of workplace, from a warehouse or factory to a shop or office.

Lots of accidents at work involve employees using machinery or tools to do their job or having to lift heavy objects causing back injury. This is where we often see serious injuries due to accidents at work and usually have strong grounds to claim compensation for our clients.

All employers should provide their people with any safety equipment they need to do their jobs without suffering an accident at work. This can include high-visibility jackets, safety boots, safety gloves, goggles and dust masks. It also includes keeping the floors and corridors clear of any hazards which could cause a trip or fall and, in offices, making sure that workers have suitable chairs and workstations.

Whilst it is up to you to do everything you can to prevent an accident at work – and even to prevent someone else having an accident at work – by law your employers are responsible for your health and safety at work and if you have an accident at work you could claim compensation for personal injury.

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