Greek Lindos Princess Beach Hotel Illness Continues – What You Can Do


According to holiday review site TripAdvisor, a stomach bug contained within the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel in Rhodes, Greece continues to strike down holidaymakers. Whether you are currently there, have returned home still feeling ill or you are scheduled to stay at the hotel, we can advise on what to do and how you should deal with the situation.

Greek Holiday Hotel Illness Ruining My Trip

If you are currently staying in the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel and are already experiencing illness symptoms you should make sure, you keep a record of any medical help you have had so far. In our experience, it is not uncommon in situations like this when a majority of people at a hotel suffer an illness to see them hooked up to drips to maintain hydration.

Another thing you can consider is collecting the contact details of others who have suffered the same symptoms in your hotel. If you do decide to go ahead and make a holiday illness compensation claim, they will be able to help by providing statements.

From looking at TripAdvisor's reviews, it's clear that some have tried to report their illness with the hotel, but to no avail. If this happens, at least try to evidence your efforts in some way i.e. with a copy of your complaint, as this will show that you tried to make the hotel aware of your illness.

I've Come Home and I'm Still Ill

If you have returned home from the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel and you got sick while you were there, the illness may have come home with you. It's not uncommon to continue to feel ill when you return home. If this is the case, you should visit your own GP and explain the situation.

Remember to take any medicines you were prescribed on your trip to the GP with you, this will give the doctor an indication of what treatment has already taken place. They'll be able to run tests to determine what kind of bug you're suffering from. While the experience is still fresh in your mind, you should contact a solicitor to give them the details of your claim, they'll be able to tell you where you stand and what additional information they'll need from you to start your claim.

I've Booked To Go There – What Should I Do?

If you have already booked to go to Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, we have written some guidance on what you can do before you get there to reduce your chances of contracting any illnesses. Bar cancelling and missing your trip, and your money, your choice of actions are limited. We would advise that you carry on with your holiday, but make it clear to your tour operator that you are aware and informing them of the illness – if you fall prey to it in the future, you will be taking legal action.

To summarise, you can do the following things before, during, or after visiting the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel to ensure you get the best deal out of a bad situation:

  • If you're already there record everything – treatment you received, advice from doctors, your complaint to the hotel and tour operator rep etc.
  • If you've just got back, go straight to your GP for a definitive diagnosis
  • If you're set to go there, contact your tour operator and make it known that you are aware of the illness and will take action if you or your party are affected

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