Grandparents, Do You Know Your Rights to Flexible Working and Contact?


The Government is finally acknowledging the role that grandparents play not only as working members of the community but as those who contribute heavily to child care when it comes to their grandchildren.

Grandparents Contact

Flexible Working Extended to Grandparents

From April 2014, the government will be expanding the right to request flexible leave to all employees – this includes grandparents.

The TUC (Trade Union Congress) estimates that around 7 million grandparents regularly take on childcare for young people under 16, this is close to 3 out of 5 grandparents in total. Many take on this task for free to save their families' costs such as nursery fees which an be quite expensive. However, employers have not always been supportive of the dual role that grandparents play, some grandparents even stated that they were refused time off or felt uncomfortable even asking.

Worried About Contact with Your Grandchildren?

The everyday rush of life can sometimes get to families causing them to break down. It is really at this time that helpful grandparents on hand to provide care and stability for any children involved really makes a difference. Even if it is not day-to-day care that they can provide, contact is sometimes sufficient to maintain consistency in your child's environment.

Many grandparents find it hard to gain access to grandchildren after a break up – this is sometimes down to the fact that they do not know their rights.

If the permission of the court is granted, a grandparent can apply for a contact order.

The Grandparents Association

For those grandparents that think they may need legal advice to gain contact to their grandchildren, the Grandparents Association list solicitors that they endorse in the field.

Helen Doolan, a family law solicitor in our Leeds office, recently joined the Grandparents Association and became one of their recommended solicitors, she commented:

"Grandparents are becoming an increasingly essential part of children's everyday lives. This can make the fallout of any family breakdowns even more devastating. At Simpson Millar LLP we recognise the importance of re-establishing contact quickly for the benefit of all the family."

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