Grandmother Dies After she is Refused a Scan


A retired grandmother tragically died due to hospital failings after being refused a CT scan at Tunbridge Wells Hospital. An inquest into her death has found hospital policy dictated that she would have to return during the week, and this proved fatal.

Negligent doctor

An undetected bowel obstruction has been blamed for her death.

Why Was A CT Scan Refused?

After being admitted to A&E, the woman in question was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and was told she would not be able to get a CT scan until the following week. Weekend arrangements at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital did not permit her access to the scan, under "hospital policy"; she was told that it could only be arranged for an emergency. She was then discharged after being seen, late on Friday 17th April 2015.

Sadly, she collapsed at home the next day and passed away.

The Coroner, Mr Roger Hatch of North-West concluded that though the woman died of natural causes “it is highly unsatisfactory that facilities for a CT scan to be carried out at the weekend are not routinely available without having to go through a number of steps for this to be arranged.”

Our Solicitor of Medical Negligence, Daxa Patel, explains why the woman's family might have a claim:

"It is distressing to hear that there was not a solid procedure in place to ensure that the woman could access a CT scan. If it is found that the scan was critical and could have saved the woman's life – hospital policy at the weekend or not – her family’s claim for compensation could succeed in the wake of her tragic death."

She continues:

"The woman's family are understandably going to go ahead with civil proceedings against the hospital for potential negligence. The effects of which could be crippling, in both the compensation and reputation stakes for the hospital and for the NHS."

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