Government plans to shakeup Energy Performance Certificates are revealed


The Department for Communities and Local Government ('DCLG') has announced its intention to overhaul the regulations concerning Energy Performance Certificates and Inspections.

Currently, an Energy Performance Certificate ('EPC') is required before a residential property is marketed for sale. The seller must then either attach the EPC to the particulars of sale or simply mention the property’s asset rating in the particulars.

Energy Performance Certificates

The government plans to extend the scope of the regulations so that an EPC is required to be attached to the particulars before any property is marketed for sale or rental. This will include the sale or rental of commercial properties. Also, it will no longer be acceptable to simply provide the property’s asset rating in the particulars; a full EPC must be attached.

The powers of Trading Standards Officers will also be enhanced to help enforce the regulations. In the future, officers will be able to require estate agents to produce evidence that an EPC has been commissioned. Currently, this power is only effective against the sellers and landlords themselves but not their agents.

Subject to parliamentary approval, the reforms are expected to be rolled out from Autumn 2011.

This article was written by Matthew Booth – Commercial Property Team.

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