Government Consultation on No Fault Divorce


Couples will finally be allowed no-fault divorces and will no longer be able to contest the breakdown of a marriage under a new proposal which will overhaul UK divorce law.

According to media reports, Justice Secretary David Gauke is set to announce a consultation on no-fault divorce in which he will call for the current fault-based system to be abolished.

Currently, there are just five accepted reasons for divorce: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, separation for 2 years with consent form either parties, or separation of 5 years with consent from one.

The proposed changes would be the first significant alteration of divorce legislation on almost 50 years.

Fiona Snowdon family law expert at Simpson Millar said: “We are absolutely delighted to hear that the Government is set to announce a consultation on no-fault divorce”.

“UK divorce law has not been updated in almost 50 years, and as such is archaic, outdated and incompatible with the 21st century”.

“Divorce can be a painful, drawn out experience. A no-fault divorce would inject some much needed autonomy and practicality into the process”.

“Most recently, Tini Owens found herself trapped in a ‘loveless marriage’ until 2020 thanks to the ‘unnecessary antagonism of grounds for divorce in the UK”.

“This announcement suggests that we are finally moving in the right direction, and we could not be more pleased”.

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