Going on a Skiing holiday? Try not to break a leg...


It's that time of year when holidaymakers take to the slopes for their skiing holiday, and most have a fantastic time. But injuries and accidents on skiing holidays are ever more common, and often claiming compensation for a personal injury gained on a skiing holiday can be a real uphill battle – without the aid of a ski lift.

Accidents on skiing holidays can result in more than a bruised ego, as Mrs J Goodall found to her considerable cost when she had an accident whilst skiing in France last year. Having been knocked over on the ski slopes by a French skier, Mrs Goodall suffered a compound fracture to her left leg which led to her losing her job, mobility and independence for some time. She had NHS care for her ski slope injury but also paid a lot of her own money for additional treatment.

Unfortunately when it came to claiming on her holiday insurance for her skiing injury, Mrs Goodall was left less than impressed. Whilst her own insurance paid for the surgery and passage back to the UK she needed following her skiing injury, the French skier’s insurance company denied all responsibility – and Mrs Goodall looks set to lose her claim for compensation for her holiday skiing injury because she did not follow the guidance of what to do if you suffer a skiing accident that was no fault of your own whilst in the UK or abroad. Our advice for achieving the best chances of winning your compensation claim for a skiing accident or injury whilst on holiday include:

  • Keep the ski binding and din settings ticket issued with your skis (these settings should have been calibrated to accord with your weight/height/ski lengths and skiing ability)
  • Get the pisteur to provide a copy of their report (which will record the bindings/din settings at the time of the incident – pisteurs usually attend injured people on the slopes and make contemporaneous records)
  • Get the name(s) and address(es) of any responsible 3rd party and also their full and complete insurance details
  • Try to obtain the names and contact details of all witnesses;
  • File a police report if appropriate
  • Take photographs and/or video/dvd recordings of the accident location and any additional information which may help with your compensation claim for a skiing accident

Claiming compensation for a skiing accident on holiday can be very difficult so if you do suffer a skiing injury or have an accident skiing whilst on holiday it is vital that you gather as much evidence as possible to pursue your compensation claim for having been injured on your skiing holiday.

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